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Cuomo’s Justice Center Systematically Covering-Up Rapes and Deaths

Gov. Andrew Cuomo must be stopped, he is involved in covering-up thousands of sexual assaults, rapes and deaths of people with disabilities

Governor Andrew Cuomo has had full knowledge of these state and federal crimes and continues to look the other way

The simple fact and truth is that Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to protect our most vulnerable and he is involved in the cover-ups of rapes and deaths.”
— Michael Carey - Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2018 / -- The Jonathan Carey Foundation is bringing to light and exposing the worst corruption and human rights violations in the history of New York State. Thousands of sexual assaults and rapes of primarily women and children with disabilities within Cuomo’s mental health agencies disappear internally and are never reported to the local police, they are being covered-up.

County elected district attorneys throughout the State of New York are almost always never notified or able to prosecute these sex crimes occurring within their own county. The civil rights violations and atrocities are astronomical in scope. Close to 8,000 calls go into Governor Cuomo’s abuse hotline wrongfully titled the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs (Justice Center) every month and hardly any prosecutions. On average between 11-13 people with disabilities die daily within Cuomo’s extremely dangerous and deadly mental health care system. A sizeable percentage of these deaths are due to criminal negligence, yet almost all are never prosecuted, again they are being covered-up.

Sexual assaults, rapes and all deaths are reported internally to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s abuse hotline which he has total control of. How the cover-ups easily happen is by circumventing and bypassing the 911 call systems to keep the local paramedics and police first responders from being able to respond. Governor Cuomo has instructed his agency to literally obstruct justice by keep most rapes and deaths from all local authorities and courts. In essence bypassing the entire criminal justice system and courts for people with disabilities which is discrimination in civil rights.

The simple fact and truth is that Governor Andrew Cuomo has failed to protect our most vulnerable and he is involved in the cover-ups of rapes and deaths.

Governor Cuomo’s fraudulently operated and extremely corrupt Justice Center almost always allows the provider agencies to investigate rapes and deaths within their own facilities. An extremely damning state document can be seen on the Justice Center website. This document reveals in writing how the State of New York is illegally allowing internal death investigations by provider agencies. The county medical examiners or coroners are supposed to be investigating all of these deaths, yet the Justice center rarely notifies them of deaths of people with disabilities. The Justice Center is withholding most of these deaths from the medical examiner or coroner so legitimate death investigations cannot occur which is illegal.

Governor Andrew Cuomo keeps the police out of the picture in most rapes and deaths of individuals with disabilities in his extremely dangerous and deadly mental health care system by his direct order. Governor Cuomo’s Building on Success book dated January 8, 2014 on pages 192-193 reveals this fact. It is a basic stand down order from the governor so that local police will hand criminal cases back to the state so they can be easily covered-up internally.

“Beginning in 2014, Governor Cuomo will direct the Justice Center to conduct statewide training programs to educate local law enforcement agencies at every level about the mandate of the Justice Center, its jurisdiction and the critical role it plays in criminal investigations related to abuse and neglect of vulnerable New Yorkers.”

An official New York State document that Michael Carey has obtained called the Jane Lynch Affidavit reveals the Justice Centers real motives. The State directly calls it their “coherent oversight scheme” and their “carefully cultivated understanding” with provider agencies to protect them and their staff from litigation. It all surrounds the withholding of evidence and documents.

The Justice Center recently released falsified numbers to the Albany times Union which appeared within an investigative news report written by Lauren Stanforth on September 2, 2018 titled, “A death at a Schenectady group home raises questions about oversight.” The oversight or lack thereof is speaking of the Justice Center.

“Since 2013, the Justice Center said it has confirmed abuse or neglect in 140 deaths statewide, yet only two cases were prosecuted by local district attorneys.”

All sorts of documents reveal that In the last five years alone the criminally negligent death numbers are many times the 140 number released by the state. Nonetheless, their own watered-down death numbers and miniscule number of prosecutions, less than two percent, reveals that almost all negligent deaths are covered-up. The State own numbers damn them and paint a picture of criminal cover-ups.

Federal criminal and civil rights investigations have been requested by Michael Carey who is well known and respected civil rights and disability rights advocate. It is time for the top officials involved in these criminal cover-ups of rapes and deaths which are civil rights atrocities to be indicted and held fully accountable for their crimes against the disabled and humanity.

If you would like to help fight this evil and epic corruption, please consider making a tax deductible gift to the Jonathan Carey Foundation. Thank you.

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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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