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Formal Complaint to Alabama Secretary of State, Pro-Trump Senate Candidate Fights Ballot Cancelling by Democrat Party

February 14 -- Alabama Loves Trump

Valentine's Day Announcement of Alabama Senate Run at Victor Williams' Rehabbed Fairhope Alabama House and Campaign Headquarters

US Senate Candidate Victor Williams, Who Loves Trump, Fights Democrat Party's Cancelling from Ballot for his Trump Support

Democrats violated fundamental constitutional principles of due process and equal protection by cancelling Williams from the ballot with racial bias stemming from Williams' professed love of Trump.”
— Victor Williams

FAIRHOPE , ALABAMA , USA , April 26, 2022 / -- Still holding the lead among his Democrat competitors according to the latest Emmerson College/The Hill poll in April, pro-Trump law professor Victor Williams formally contested the Democrat Party’s 11th hour striking of his name from the primary ballot with Alabama state election authorities.

Professor Williams’ mid-April complaint formally demanded that the Alabama Secretary of State re-instate his place on the May 24 open primary ballot.

Most broadly, Williams argues that Alabama voters are being denied a meaningful choice among partisan candidates.

However, Williams' complaint specifically asserts that Alabama Democrats violated fundamental constitutional principles -- both equal protection against race discrimination and due process guarantees in ballot access -- as they canceled him from the ballot because of their raw bias against Trump.

Williams respectfully argues that Secretary of State John Merrill would himself violate the US Constitution if he enforces the Alabama Democrats’ illegal, unconstitutional ballot-stripping.

Williams launched the insurgent, outsider campaign for the US Senate in Alabama on February 14, 2022 to show just how much Alabama loves President Trump, to demonstrate how much support Donald Trump had with Democrats/Independents, and as an initial a project of his movement.

Williams' website outlines a solid America First campaign agenda including specific proposals to fight inflation, promote energy independence, secure the Southern Border, and invoke term limits for Congress, Judges, Military, and all federal bureaucrats.

Williams' website also tells his personal narrative of having gone from hardscrabble Arkansas to Harvard grad school and then on to earn three law degrees (JD, California-Hastings Law; LL.M., Columbia Law; LL.M. George Mason-Scalia Law)

Williams was a law school professor and prolific published scholar specializing in Administrative, Federal Courts, International, and Procedural law. Williams founded "Law Professors for Trump" in 2016 to support candidate and then President Trump in the courts, the media, and the public square.


In his formal complaint to the Alabama Secretary of State, Williams asserts that his due process rights were violated by Alabama State Democrat leaders in the way in which he was removed from the ballot.

Williams describes how he timely qualified for the Democratic primary ballot on January 28, 2022 and how the state party accepted his $3480 ballot access fee after questioning his race. And then on March 3, 2022, the Alabama Democrats formally certified Williams’ name to the Secretary of State as one of four Democrat Senate candidates for the ballot.

On the same day however, Williams was hand-delivered a 13-page “Show Cause Order” from Alabama Democrats alleging that Williams’s past, present, and future support of Donald Trump and Trump’s policies should disqualify Williams from the ballot.

Williams was given less than 22 hours to file a written response to the purported “Show Cause Order”.

Williams was given less than 25 hours to prepare to participate in an ad hoc “virtual” hearing.

Williams timely complied with the first demand by submitting a written response in which he openly acknowledged his great love for Donald Trump and America First principles and goals.

However, Williams objected to and refused to participate in the ad hoc virtual hearing which he described as “Kafkaesque.”


On the second constitutional ground, Williams alleges patent violations of his equal protection rights based on Alabama Democrats’ race discrimination in their March 9, 2022 reformulation of the ballot list.

Williams points to the Secretary of State’s institutional knowledge of a history of systemic discrimination and racial animus by the state party leadership and details the particulars of the animus and action against Williams.

With Williams’ name removed from the May 24 ballot, the state party leadership insured that the Democrat nominee for Senate will be that of the state party’s favored race.


Thirdly, Williams constitutional complaint alleges that Alabama Democrats were seeking to improperly and illegally add an additional qualification to the US Constitution Article I, Section 3, Clause 3’s enumerated textual requirements for a US Senator.

The Constitution lists only three requirements: A Senate candidate must be 30 years of age; must be 14 years residing in the US; and must be a state inhabitant on election day.

In 1995, the US Supreme Court explicitly ruled that a state can NOT add an additional qualification to the Constitution’s text. (USA Term Limits LLC v. Thornton, 514 U.S. 779 (1995)).

This very issue is currently at issue in Tennessee congressional primary races as extra qualifications are being added by state partisans to try to keep Trump candidates off the ballot.

Williams asserts that Alabama can not constitutionally allow Alabama Democrats to add a fourth (two-part) qualification (“Must hate Trump and Must be party’s favored race”) to the US Constitution’s three criteria.

The Williams’s campaign publicly asks for a speedy ruling from the Alabama Secretary of State so that he can redouble his efforts to secure the Democrat nomination for the US Senate.

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December 2015 Prediction of Trump's 2016 Election Victory by Pro-Trump Law Professor Victor Williams

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